Professionals and Addiction

Written by Journey Pure Staff

The old stereotypes of alcohol and drug abuse may conjure images of dark alleys and shady drug deals on the bad side of town. But today, those stereotypes lay by the wayside. In 2017, there is no “typical” addict. It could be your family members, friends, neighbors or co-workers could all be living with an addiction problem and working hard to hide it. Doctors, lawyers, managers – middle and upper-class professionals are abusing drugs and alcohol and in some industries use is on the rise. In fact, professionals and addiction are costing U.S. companies $81 billion every year in lost productivity, injuries and other factors.

Professionals and Addiction in the Workplace

A 2014 article published in USA Today revealed some startling statistics about the opioid crisis making its way into the medical community with more than 100,000 doctors, nurses, medical technicians, and health care aides found to be abusing prescription drugs. A physician interviewed about their addiction confessed to using upwards of 100 pain pills a day to get him through long, stressful shifts. “Their knowledge and access make their problems especially hard to detect,” the article states. “Yet the risks they pose — to the public and to themselves — are enormous.” The American Nurses Association says approximately 1 in 10 nurses are struggling with addiction.

A study in the Journal of Addiction Medicine revealed that 20 percent of the 12,825 lawyers surveyed were drinking at concerning levels. Further, and not surprisingly, a higher percentage of lawyers were using who held stressful positions – those serving in private firms or who are senior-level employees. The levels of depression, anxiety, and stress among attorneys were “significant.” Authors concluded the data “underscore the need for greater resources for lawyer assistance programs,” as well as the “expansion of available attorney-specific prevention and treatment interventions.”

The 2014 National Survey on Drug Use and Health found specific industries to be more prevalent for heavy drug and alcohol use in full-time workers aged 18-64. The highest rates were found in the mining (17.5 percent) and construction industries (16.5 percent). Past month illicit drug use was found highest in the accommodations and food services industry (19.1 percent). In all, combined data from 2008 to 2012 indicated that across the board, 9.5 percent were dependent on or abusing alcohol or illicit drugs.

Professionals have incredible drive and passion for their work but addiction can take it all away. It can destroy families, friendships and careers. JourneyPure CPE seeks to deliver professionals the guidance to find their way out of addiction and back on their path to success, not only in their profession but in their personal lives as well. Offering treatment for professionals at every stage of the recovery process, JourneyPure CPE thoroughly addresses the emotional, spiritual, relational, and professional issues that fuel addiction, depression, anxiety, and other destructive compulsive behaviors.

Treatment for Professionals at JourneyPure

JourneyPure is proud to offer a program designed specifically for professionals and addiction. JourneyPure Center for Professional Excellence provides highly-individualized, gender-specific treatment plans that incorporate individual and group counseling, intensive marriage and family counseling, 12-step-inspired programming and experiential therapies such as equine, music, art and wellness. We ensure that the men and women that come through our program are treated for both the addiction and any underlying psychological issues. The programs are small – 12 beds for men and 8 for women, so personalized care is priority. With JourneyPure Coaching™, our patients will continue their recovery plan digitally with support from a staff recovery coach.