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What to Expect at Our Cocaine Rehab in Tennessee

When entering into our cocaine rehab, individuals will be afforded the opportunity to participate in several different services that have proven effective in treating the disease of addiction. Throughout these services, those who work at our Tennessee addiction treatment center will implement specific modalities designed to help address the specific needs of those who are looking to recover from cocaine. Many of those who enter into our cocaine addiction rehab center in Nashville Tennessee will begin their care by detoxing.


Detox is the first step of one’s addiction treatment when enrolled in cocaine addiction treatment. This is when he or she will completely end their cocaine abuse and work to flush out all addictive substances from his or her body. Detoxing from cocaine is notoriously difficult, as many people who have attempted to do so on their own have been unable to do so because of the withdrawal symptoms that develop. Thankfully, our cocaine rehab center in Tennessee offers a detox program where clients can come off of cocaine and be in a safe, supervised environment so that if any complications arise, they can be provided with the most effective care.

As soon as a client is stable enough to participate in therapy, he or she will transition into that part of their care.


Our cocaine addiction treatment will provide all clients with baseline therapies that have proven to be effective in treating all types of substance use disorders such as individual, group, and family therapy. Individual therapy affords clients the opportunity to work privately with a therapist to uncover the underlying causes of his or her addiction, as well as place focus on treatment-needs specific to him or her. Group therapy places a client in a group setting with others who are in recovery, allowing him or her to benefit from listening to and working with others who are sharing in similar experiences. Family therapy sessions occur either in person or on the phone and work to help restore and heal the family unit, as everyone has been impacted by cocaine addiction. Other therapies proven most effective to treat cocaine addiction include the following:

  • Contingency management – The client will work with his or her therapist to develop a handful of personal recovery goals for him or herself. Upon reaching those goals, he or she will be rewarded with a gift such as a gift card, cash, etc. This helps clients continue to stay motivated to make positive change even when it feels difficult to do so.
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) – So much of one’s behaviors are rooted in his or her cocaine addiction, which is why cognitive behavioral therapy is so beneficial. CBT asks clients to reevaluate their negative thinking and behavior patterns and strive to replace them with more effective, positive behaviors and thoughts.
  • Therapeutic communities (TCs) – Therapeutic communities, such as sober living homes, have proven to be extremely beneficial for those who are recovering from cocaine addiction. One of the reasons for its effectiveness is because living with others in recovery encourages a sense of accountability and honesty in the client, thus propelling him or her to continue to move forward in his or her recovery.


Aftercare can be different for each client, as every client will have their own specific needs. When the time comes to finish treatment, our cocaine rehab will help the client develop an aftercare plan that will serve as a guideline for his or her continued success. This might include a framework of what one’s daily life will include, what types of meetings he or she will go to and how often, etc. For others, their aftercare plan might include making plans to enter into another treatment program that serves as a step-down from the treatment they have already received. Either way, our Nashville Tennessee cocaine addiction treatment center will help each client navigate a path that is right for his or her recovery. 

Who Typically Needs Cocaine Rehab?

Cocaine has long been one of the most widely abused illicit substances in the world. Today, millions of people continue to abuse this white-powder drug to the point where they are not only addicted to it but also physically and psychologically dependent on it.

As with any other addictive substance, being addicted to cocaine can cause countless consequences to develop throughout all areas of an individual’s life, making it difficult to upkeep responsibilities and expectations. And, the longer that use continues, the more danger the user puts him or herself in.

While it is no easy task to stop using cocaine, it can be done with the appropriate treatment modalities. Our cocaine rehab in Tennessee can help individuals addicted to this powerful stimulant stop using altogether and develop the skill set needed to move forward in a life of recovery.

Signs and Symptoms of Cocaine Addiction

Before someone gets treatment for cocaine addiction, he or she is undoubtedly going to display a number of different signs and symptoms reflective of his or her cocaine use. While the severity and quantity of signs and symptoms will depend on how much and how often cocaine is being abused, most everyone who is addicted to cocaine experiences some or all of the following:

  • Isolating from friends, family, and loved ones
  • Experiencing an uptick in anxiety, paranoia, and panic
  • Voluntarily putting oneself in dangerous situations
  • Having wide-ranging mood swings
  • Being unable to stop or minimize use without experiencing withdrawal symptoms
  • Displaying erratic behaviors, such as huge spikes in energy followed by significant lethargy
  • Detaching oneself from previously enjoyed activities
  • Cardiovascular problems
  • Tremors
  • Significant weight loss/minimal appetite

These are just some of the signs and symptoms that someone who is addicted to cocaine can experience. Unfortunately, the more that the individual uses, the more symptoms will develop and the greater the likelihood of overdose will be. Therefore, it is critical that someone who is trapped in a cycle of cocaine addiction gets involved in our Tennessee cocaine treatment center as soon as possible.

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