Alumni Program

Alumni Program in Nashville

When clients enter into an addiction treatment program, they usually go in not fully knowing what to expect. This period of time can be confusing, overwhelming, and sometimes even frightening. However, once clients get moving along in the process of treatment, they typically find that the therapy and additional services offered through an addiction treatment program are highly beneficial to them and encourage them to remain sober and in recovery.

While clients might find themselves to be comfortable while in treatment, the reality is that at some point, they will need to transition back into their everyday lives. This serves as another period of time that can be confusing, overwhelming, and frightening, as the client is venturing out on his or her own for the first time without abusing drugs and/or alcohol. And while it may seem that the safety net has been removed, clients who complete an addiction treatment program can continue to receive support through alumni programming in Nashville, TN.

Services Offered in Our Alumni Program

Most every addiction treatment center offers alumni services to their clients as a way to help them transition out of treatment. These alumni services not only extend to those who have just completed addiction treatment, rather they are geared towards helping all clients who have gone through the program throughout the many ups and downs of their lives.

Clients have the opportunity to participate in any alumni programming in Nashville, TN that they want, as they are not obligated to do so, but are encouraged to. To serve as a strong support system for all clients, our alumni program in offers several different services, such as those listed below.

Peer Support Groups

We offer peer support groups on a regular basis or from time to time. Within these peer support groups, former clients can gather with other former clients and continue to receive support regarding specific topics related to substance use disorder and recovery. Some of these support groups might be focused solely on those in recovery from opioid use disorder, while others might focus on mental health conditions such as anxiety or depression. By participating in peer support groups, clients can remain connected to familiar faces and receive the support they need while providing support to others.

12-Step Meetings

12-Step meetings have long served as the foundation of millions of peoples’ recoveries. Through alumni programming in Nashville, TN, those clients who have graduated from the program can attend 12-Step meetings at the facility. While 12-Step meetings can be attended anywhere in the country, being able to go to one where there are familiar faces and spaces can make one’s participation in livelier and more focused. 

Events and Gatherings

In another effort to support clients who have completed the treatment program, our alumni program often hosts different events and gatherings to keep the recovery community connected. For instance, some programs will invite former clients to a social hour at the facility or other designated space, while other programs might hold reunions. During these events, clients can benefit from remaining connected to those who they were in recovery with, allowing them to feel a sense of continued accountability and drive to keep moving in the right direction.


From time to time, we will put together workshops and invite former clients to them. Workshops can focus on any topic related to substance use disorder and recovery, ranging from education about the disease of addiction, relapse prevention skills, the effect of addiction on families, and so on. Workshops often vary in topic and are open for former clients and their loved ones to attend. By participating in workshops, clients can continue to broaden their knowledge of the disease of addiction and keep implementing new, effective strategies into their own recovery.


Above all else, our alumni program in Nashville, TN ensures that former clients also have them as a resource to reach out to in a time of need. With the understanding that former clients still face challenges in their recovery, we provide a number of different ways for clients to connect back to them when needed. These can include the following:

    • Hotlines – Hotlines for former clients to utilize at any time. This can be beneficial for those who are on the verge of relapsing, who have relapsed, or who are feeling like they need additional support in their recovery journey.
    • Media – With social media in particular, former clients can stay in touch with their addiction treatment center, look on as they continue to participate in new ventures, and keep experiencing a sense of closeness to the facility.
    • Email – As with most alumni programming, former clients are always welcome to keep in touch with former therapists and other staff members pivotal to their recovery through email. Simply maintaining this connection can be extremely comforting and provide clients with the desire to stay sober, as they feel a sense of responsibility to those who have helped them along the way.

Our alumni program in Tennessee is focused on ensuring that all former clients feel comfortable and able to reach out for help at any given time. And, even if they do not need help, clients are encouraged to remain connected to other alumni as a source of continued support on their recovery journey.

Do You Need Help?

If you are struggling with a substance use disorder and want help, do not be afraid to reach out today. And, if you have completed treatment but are feeling unsteady in your recovery, contact our alumni program in Nashville, TN today. Regardless of where you are at in your addiction/recovery, we can help you reach your goals and then some. Call us right now.