Outcomes Assessment

Based on Live Questionnaire and quarterly Outcomes Questionnaire survey responses.

JourneyPure at the River is an evidence-based drug and alcohol treatment program. Assessing outcomes for our clients is critical to ensure we are providing the best help possible for every person in our care. Behavioral health is the science of helping people become happier, healthier and whole. Science is about evidence and results. Our data gathering and analysis are one reason why JourneyPure at the River is one the most successful rehabs in the U.S .

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About JourneyPure at the River

JourneyPure at the River is a mental health and addiction treatment pioneer, dedicated to continual improvement. Our evidence-based mental health disorder care includes individualized treatment plans informed by clinical research. We do more than just heal. We give our clients the tools the need to beat addiction, manage mental health conditions and continue to grow and thrive long after their treatment at JourneyPure by the River is complete. Our program offers comprehensive mental health services as well as treatment for substance abuse disorders. We focus on the dual-diagnosis aspect while providing clients with the knowledge and tools to continue their recovery and growth for the rest of their lives.


patients report having attended support groups.


patients report adherence to continuing care recommendations since leaving treatment.


patients report being satisfied, or better, with their relationships.


patients report being satisfied, or better, with their ability to handle stress.


patients report being satisfied, or better, with their quality of life.

Full Overview of Collected Outcomes