Individual Therapy

When someone is addicted to drugs and/or alcohol, his or her entire wellbeing is at risk. In many cases, those who are actively addicted to dangerous substances of abuse do not want to continue to participate in use, however, are unable to stop no matter how hard they try. This is extremely common, but with the help of specific therapies designed to treat substance use disorder, these individuals no longer need to struggle with active addiction.

Individual addiction Therapy Sessions

A client who is in an addiction treatment program will, undoubtedly, participate in individual therapy sessions. These specific types of sessions are provided to each and every client, as individual addiction therapy in Nashville Tennessee has proven to be highly effective in treating several components of substance use disorders. In fact, when clients complete the addiction programming of their choosing and transition back into their everyday lives, they will likely continue to attend individual therapy sessions.

Our Nashville Tennessee individual addiction therapy occurs between a trained and experienced therapist and the client. Conducted in private (typically in the therapist’s office), clients will be afforded the space and comfort to begin working on their individual growth. The therapist will obtain the client’s history to utilize as a framework and then work with the client to build upon that framework. The majority of this occurs through traditional talk therapy, however, some therapists will include specific types of therapies in individual therapy sessions to better meet the needs of the client. For example, several therapists implement cognitive behavioral therapy, or CBT, into their clients’ therapy sessions. This is a common, widely popular form of therapy helps clients reexamine their negative thoughts, behaviors, and actions and work to modify them in ways that support their sobriety.

Clients will attend individual addiction therapy sessions as often as needed and can benefit greatly from participating in this type of care. 

Benefits of Journeypure’s Individual addiction Therapy in Nashville Tennessee

Individual therapy is one of the most popular evidence-based treatments offered for those recovering from substance use disorders. When a therapy is evidence-based, it means that it has been proven to provide effective results. Not only does our Nashville Tennessee individual addiction therapy help clients uncover the root of their issues as they pertain to substance abuse, but they also offer countless other benefits.

Space and Time

When participating in individual addiction therapy in Nashville Tennessee, clients are provided with both space and time to sort through their substance use disorders. Recovering from addiction is a very complex process, which is why it is so important for clients to have a safe place to discuss the aspects of their addiction and the components of their recovery. This place allows for clients to feel comfortable and trusting, thus improving upon treatment results. Also, there is no pressure within an individual therapy setting, meaning that clients can take the time they need to work through their issues. Feeling safe while afforded the chance to take their own time is one reason why our Nashville Tennessee individual addiction therapy is so beneficial to clients.


The therapist that the client works with will not only help him or her learn how to heal from his or her recovery, but he or she will also serve as a strong source of support for the client. Support is vital when in recovery, as addiction is an extremely complex condition that can cause significant emotional and mental wear, even when in recovery from it. Of course, clients will likely have support from friends, family, and/or others they have met in treatment, but having the support of a therapist is paramount. A client can rest assured knowing that the information they are sharing with their therapist is not only confidential but also continuously evaluated in ways that allow the therapist to treat him or her in the best manner as possible.

Continued Care

As previously mentioned, individual addiction therapy in Nashville Tennessee does not just end when treatment is completed. Instead, individual therapy is a service that can be obtained anywhere and at any time. When coming from a treatment center, however, a client’s therapist can provide him or her referrals for therapists in his or her area so that he or she can continue working on recovering from substance use disorder. With the recommendation of a trusted professional, clients can transition out of rehab and into a life where they will still be able to reap the many benefits produced through our Nashville Tennessee individual addiction therapy.

Why our Nashville TN individual addiction therapy program is Important

When a substance use disorder is active, a complete and total unrest in one’s mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing is occurring. This disease is one that is so powerful that it can entirely deplete one of everything that he or she has. However, when professional treatment is obtained and the individual is focused on recovery, all things become possible again.

But, it is not that simple for most people to reach out and ask for help with substance use disorders. Some of the ease of making this decision often comes from being aware of what to expect, including what one might encounter while in therapy sessions like those offered through individual addiction therapy in Nashville Tennessee. It can also be beneficial to understand the importance of receiving help, especially through individual therapy. Some of the signs that one might display when in need of individual therapy can include the following:

  • Always feeling a sense of upset, pain, sadness, or other distressing emotion
  • Regularly feeling the need to keep using drugs and/or alcohol no matter how much sobriety is wanted
  • Consistently relapsing
  • Yearning to understand why the substance use disorder continues even if it is not wanted

Our Nashville Tennessee individual addiction therapy can help those who are struggling with some of these symptoms associated with substance use disorder. It can also help clients from all backgrounds begin establishing a happier, healthier future for themselves that is free from substance abuse and the emotional pain and upset that comes along with it.

get professional help from our individual addiction therapy program

If you are addicted to drugs and/or alcohol, do not wait any longer to get help. Reach out now to find out how individual addiction therapy in Nashville Tennessee can help you.

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