Drug and Alcohol Detox in Nashville, Tennessee

Millions of people throughout the United States are addicted to one or more dangerous substances, ranging from alcohol and prescription painkillers to cocaine and hallucinogens. Very rarely do people start using addictive substances with the sole intent of becoming addicted, but instead, individuals start experimenting on their own or with friends, using to fit in with certain social groups, or using as a way to self-medicate physical and/or psychological pain caused by one or more environmental or biological issues within their lives. Sadly, once someone becomes addicted to one or more substances, he or she can face a slew of challenges that include chronic unemployment, health problems, changes in physical appearance, conflict with loved ones, and even financial and legal issues. The longer that the addiction occurs, the more likely an individual is to suffer from extreme consequences that can include overdosing, which can be deadly.

The problem with addiction is that it is exceptionally challenging to overcome, especially when attempted independently of professionals. Many users who are addicted to drugs and/or alcohol try to quit “cold turkey” only to find that within a matter of days or weeks, they are right back where they began. However, this cycle does not need to occur. Professional addiction treatment that includes detox in Nashville can help those who are ready to end their current use with the intention of staying sober for a lifetime.

Who Needs To Enter a Detox Facility?

Our Nashville drug and alcohol detox center, we assist in the process of clearing the body of all addictive substances. Depending on the substance of abuse, this is done either by having the individual stop using altogether or having medical professionals slowly wean him or her off of the substance. The idea of detox often makes those who have an active addiction occurring shudder, as it is known to be a very painful process. However, when done within a professional detox center, the process does not need to be painful.

There are a number of different types of individuals who can benefit from our detox center in Nashville. The majority of those who receive detox services are those who are physically and/or psychologically dependent on one or more substances of abuse. Being dependent on a substance means that when the use of that substance stops or is decreased, the user starts experiencing withdrawal symptoms, which, depending on the substance, can include muscle cramps, mood swings, anxiety, depression, and sleep problems. Our drug and alcohol detox in Nashville, TN can benefit these individuals significantly, as they can not only be provided with medications that can help ease these symptoms and more, but they will also have the professional support needed to keep moving in the right direction as opposed to going back to using.

Some individuals who attend our detox center for alcohol and substance abuse medically need to do so. For instance, individuals who are addicted to alcohol and benzodiazepines will often be strongly encouraged to go to a medical detox facility. This is because detoxing from these two substances can be life-threatening. However, when in the care of professionals, these life-threatening symptoms can be prevented as best as possible, as well as effectively treated should they occur anyway.

Those who complete our drug and alcohol detox in Nashville, TN will more than likely have a physical and/or psychological reason to do so. Someone who is struggling with addiction but does not experience severe withdrawal symptoms will likely skip over the detox process and begin his or her care with therapy instead.

What to Expect From JourneyPure’s Drug and Alcohol Detox Center

When in our drug and alcohol detox in Nashville, clients will have access to several different services. One of the most widely-known services that begin in detox is medication-assisted treatment or MAT.

MAT is a form of addiction treatment that includes medication for withdrawal symptoms and cravings into a comprehensive treatment plan. This service is highly common in those recovering from opioid addiction, as medications that can be supplied such as buprenorphine, can trigger the same areas of the brain that opioids do but without causing the client to become high. Throughout the MAT, a client can have his or her medication slowly tapered so that eventually, he or she will be completely free of substances.

Not everyone who participates in our drug and alcohol detox will need medication-assisted treatment, but will still need other services to help him or her make it through the period of detox. Medical and mental health professionals will work with clients to determine what types of over-the-counter and prescription medications are best suited for his or her needs so that symptoms such as gastrointestinal issues, migraines, anxiety attacks, and depression do not overtake the client.

Our drug and alcohol detox in Nashville, TN also has a psychiatric component to it, where psychological professionals check in with clients to see how they are progressing. Detox, depending on the type of substance that was being abused, can be extremely unpredictable from a mental standpoint. These professionals work with the clients to help them develop proper coping skills to manage their symptoms, as well as recommend prescription medication if necessary.

The goal of our drug and alcohol detox center is to help clients become both physically and mentally sound so that they can continue on with their care by participating in therapeutic services designed to improve their wellbeing.

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If you are addicted to drugs and/or alcohol, know that you are not alone. Millions of people are faced with the same challenges that you are faced with. You have the power to overcome these challenges through the proper treatment, such as that offered through our drug and alcohol detox in Nashville, Tennessee.

So, do not wait any longer. By allowing your addiction to remain active and not seeking professional treatment, you put yourself at risk for suffering the ultimate consequence which is a loss of life. However, if you make that call right now, you can get a second chance at a happy, fulfilled life

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