Residential Treatment

Residential Addiction Treatment in Nashville

When someone is struggling with the disease of addiction, his or her entire life can be disrupted. From his or her personal life to his or her professional life, an individual can experience significant consequences everywhere that he or she goes. And, the longer that the substance use disorder continues for, the more likely an individual will need more intense care. For many, that care comes from residential addiction treatment in Nashville, Tennessee.

Who is Best Suited for Residential Treatment?

Our residential addiction treatment program is geared toward people who are struggling with substance use disorders. Unlike other types of treatment like intensive outpatient programs or outpatient treatment, our residential treatment center in Nashville offers countless services for those who are enrolled in the program. This is because those in our facility are often dealing with severe substance use disorders or other complications.

The severity of one’s substance abuse will determine what level of treatment that he or she will obtain. Those in our residential treatment center in Nashville, TN are often grappling with serious substance use disorders, making it necessary for them to be in 24/7 professional care. Markers of a severe substance use disorder include physical and/or mental dependence on the substance, failed attempts at independently detoxing, repeatedly going to treatment only to not complete the program, continuing to use despite serious risks to one’s overall wellbeing, and regularly increasing how much is being used.

Another major population of people who attend residential addiction treatment is those who have a dual diagnosis, meaning that they are not only faced with a substance use disorder, but they are also experiencing one or more mental illnesses at the same time. When more than one condition is occurring, attending a Nashville, Tennessee residential addiction treatment program can be one’s best option, specifically because it provides clients with the best resources possible and time to work through their dual diagnosis. The hands-on approach that residential treatment takes allows clients to receive consistent care.

Our residential addiction treatment program in Nashville is not limited to people with severe substance use disorders or those who have a dual diagnosis, as they can be beneficial to anyone who is looking to recover from addiction. Several factors go into making residential treatment excellent, including giving clients the time and space needed to process their addiction and begin developing new, healthy ways to live without relying on one or more substances.

what to expect at Our residential treatment center

Our residential treatment center in Nashville takes a multi-faceted, comprehensive approach to addiction treatment. Individuals who attend a program like this are those who are in need of the most care, which is why there is a multitude of stages in the treatment process.


Detoxification, or “detox”, is one of the most important steps in a client’s treatment because it is when all addictive substances are removed from the body. When this process is completed, clients can be physically and psychologically stable to move forward in their care. However, getting through the process of detox can be a challenge in itself, which is why it is beneficial to do it in a residential treatment program.

Not everyone who goes to substance abuse residential treatment will need to detox, however, those who do will be provided with as much assistance as needed to help them get through the stages of withdrawal that they will experience. This can include the use of prescription medications such as Suboxone treatment to help calm symptoms and cravings, as well as psychiatric support to aid in one’s transition from being under the influence to being sober.


Therapy serves as the crux of residential addiction treatment because through therapy, clients can begin making exceptional progress in their emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual health.

All clients will likely participate in individual, family, and group therapy sessions, which are designed to help them build strong foundations in their recoveries. Depending on the specific needs of the client, he or she will also participate in other types of therapy. For example, many clients who attend our Nashville residential addiction treatment center have experienced trauma in their lives, which has served as an underlying cause of their substance abuse. In addition to the therapies that they are already participating in, these clients will also receive trauma-based therapies, such as cognitive behavioral therapy. The treatment plan that a client receives will be reflective of what his or her therapeutic needs are.


Aftercare is something that is very different for every client. For some clients, aftercare simply refers to a plan that has been put in place to help him or her remain in recovery as he or she goes back to his or her everyday life. For others, however, aftercare refers to continued, extended care designed to continue to help them get the treatment needed.

When the time comes for a client to transition out of a residential treatment center in Nashville, TN, he or she will be provided with a professional recommendation for aftercare from those he or she has worked with while in treatment. As mentioned before, clients will have different recommendations as clients have different needs. Regardless of if a client is returning home or moving into a less hands-on treatment program, he or she will be encouraged to do things such as maintain a schedule, go to meetings, practice a healthy lifestyle, and stay connected to their support system. Some treatment centers even offer alumni events at the facility, where former clients can continue to participate in supportive services.

Do You Need Help?

If you are struggling with a substance use disorder, know that you are not alone. You are one of the millions of people who are experiencing this disease, and that does not make you a bad person or unworthy of treatment. You do not need to continue to live a life filled with constant substance abuse. By reaching out to our residential addiction treatment center in Nashville, TN you can get the information needed so that you can get on the right path towards recovery.