Partial Hospitalization

The disease of addiction has infiltrated the country, making it more vital than ever before to have a number of different treatment options available for those who need help. Thankfully, there are a number of programs geared toward meeting the various needs of those in recovery. One of those programs includes partial hospitalization program in Nashville, TN.

Partial Hospitalization Program in Nashville, TN

Partial hospitalization addiction treatment is one of the top types of addiction treatment offered in the country. This specific kind of programming falls in between inpatient and outpatient treatment programs, as it is designed to help those individuals who have been hospitalized due to substance use disorder or who are struggling with mental and/or medical health issues as a result of their use. Our partial hospitalization program offers a number of different services that are designed to help the client recover from the issues that he or she is dealing with. These services are discussed below.


Many people who are ending their substance use disorder require detox services when the physical aspect of them using ends. For some, detox can be extremely challenging and distressing to the point where professional assistance is required in the form of medication and medical care. In a partial hospitalization program, advanced detox services are not offered, however, care for those who are experiencing mild withdrawal symptoms due to detox can be provided. The goal for all clients of our Nashville partial hospitalization program is to be able to manage their own symptoms for the majority of the day, with little help needed from the staff.

Medical Monitoring

Some individuals who are in recovery for substance use disorders experience medical issues related to their use, such as respiratory, gastrointestinal, and muscular issues. In the beginning stages of one’s recovery, if these issues are severe enough, an individual will require medical care on a regular basis. Those clients at our PHP in Nashville can obtain that care while they are at the facility. This type of medical care is best suited for someone who is able to obtain medical care while at the facility, but who can continue to live at home without issue.


As with all addiction treatment programs, therapy plays a pivotal role in each client’s care. Those who are enrolled in our partial hospitalization program will be able to participate in several different types of therapeutic services that can help them identify, address, and learn to manage issues that are related to their substance use disorder. In general, therapies such as individual therapy and group therapy are offered, as well as other more specific types of therapy like behavioral therapy. Therapy sessions make up the majority of the time that a client spends in PHP, where they will partake in a few hours every day of therapeutic services. Clients must be able to be physically and psychologically well enough in order to engage in this specific service.

When the time comes for a client to move on to a different type of treatment program or return home, the team at our Nashville partial hospitalization program will work with him or her to help make that transition as flawless as possible. This will be done by making sure that the client receives continuity of care and the support that he or she needs in order to maintain sobriety.

who can our Nashville PHP treatment benefit?

When in partial hospitalization addiction treatment, clients will be able to receive specific substance abuse treatment from professionals such as psychiatrists, nurses, recreational therapies, social workers, and so on. They will also be able to benefit from the many services discussed above. It is important that those who attend our PHP in Nashville receive the most from their care, which is why this type of program is geared towards those who:

  • Are able to maintain their sobriety at home
  • Have a strong support system outside of the program
  • Are not experiencing severe withdrawal symptoms
  • Are able to physically function on their own
  • Are able to manage their own medications (either by themselves or through the help of others)
  • Can be at the facility every day to partake in treatment

Partial hospitalization programs can meet the needs of several people who are in this phase of their addiction recovery, however, it cannot be of service to those individuals who have needs greater or lesser than what can be offered through this program. For example, our partial hospitalization addiction treatment center is not a desirable form of treatment for someone who is homeless and/or who has no support system intact or someone who requires around-the-clock medical care. Also, partial hospitalization is not the first choice for someone who has needs that can only be met through a residential treatment program, such as needing to stay on campus 24/7 or needing to receive full-day treatment.

Benefits of Our Partial Hospitalization Program

Partial hospitalization is an excellent resource for those who have needs that do not require residential treatment, but also that cannot be treated in an outpatient setting. Some of the greatest benefits that can come from partial hospitalization include the following:

  • Clients are able to continue to live at home and participate in daily activities of their choosing
  • Clients can get the medical and mental health care they need all in one place, rather than having to go around to different offices on a regular basis
  • Clients can bond with others in their program, allowing for support to be given and received during the recovery process
  • Clients can get well enough to participate in further addiction treatment if needed, such as in an outpatient program

These are just some of the benefits of our partial hospitalization addiction treatment center in Nashville, as there are countless ways that this evidence-based form of treatment can help those looking to recover from substance use disorder and its effects.

do you need help?

If you are struggling with an addiction and do not know where to go or what to do, reach out for help right now. Our partial hospitalization program for addiction may be able to help you.