Women’s Treatment

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It comes as no surprise that women are much different than men and vice versa. Fully aware of these differences, a Tennessee women’s addiction treatment center provides women in recovery the space and resources needed to feel comfortable going through the process of receiving professional treatment.

A women’s addiction treatment center will offer programming that will be structured very similarly to most other treatment programs. This structure will include options for detox services, where women can be assisted in the process of clearing their system of all addictive substances, as well as therapeutic components and aftercare support. However, within our women’s addiction treatment center in Tennessee, clients will be afforded the opportunity to partake in treatments and therapies that are specifically suited to meet the most common recovery needs that women have. Some of these treatments and therapies include the following:

Holistic treatment

While every human is an emotional being, women tend to be more in tune with and sensitive to their emotions than men. When a substance use disorder is present, a woman’s entire spiritual wellbeing can be shattered, leaving her feeling depleted of any sense of contentment in her soul. Holistic treatment is offered at a women’s center in TN and encourages women to partake in holistic care that can include yoga, acupuncture, art therapy, proper diet and exercise, and so on so that she can begin restoring her spiritual side, too.

Experiential therapy

Experiential therapy is often viewed as a therapy that most people want to participate in, specifically because during sessions, clients are able to get hands-on with the activity that they are doing. Experiential therapies offered at a women’s addiction rehab center can include animal therapy and music therapy. These types of therapies have proven to encourage clients to access their thoughts, feelings, and emotions on a much deeper level, as they are able to express themselves through means other than just talking.

Prior to enrolling in our women’s rehab center, clients should look into the specific types of therapy that are offered to ensure that they can obtain the level of care that they need in order to excel in their treatment.

Women’s Addiction Treatment Center

While men make up the majority of people with a substance use disorder, women still grapple with this disease. And while countless treatment centers across the United States offer co-ed addiction treatment programming for both men and women, sometimes women (and men) can benefit most from a gender-specific program. A women’s addiction treatment center in Tennessee can offer female clients a number of care options that meet the specific recovery needs that they have. These options can help women pull apart some of the underlying causes of their addiction, examine how it has impacted them, and find new ways to manage with life’s stressors so that substance abuse is never an option again.

Risk Factors for Addiction in Women

Addiction certainly does not discriminate, as people in all corners of this world are affected by this disease. However, some groups of people have their own set of factors specific to them that put them at risk for developing a substance use disorder. When it comes to women, several environmental and biological components increase their odds of struggling with addiction at some point in their lives. Consider the following:

  • Abuse – Sexual, physical, and emotional abuse often serve as the highest addiction-related risk factor for women, as 1 in 4 women have experienced physical abuse, 81% of American women have been sexually assaulted, and countless other women have been a victim of emotional abuse by a loved one or significant other.
  • Negative childhood experiences – All people, regardless of gender, can experience a negative childhood. However, many women who are struggling with substance use disorders have a history of having adult responsibilities as a child, such as tending to the upkeep of the home, caring for siblings, and do things that their parents should have been doing.
  • Mental illness – While anyone can develop a mental illness, women are more likely than men to experience one, especially a mood disorder like depression or other illnesses like anxiety. Many accounts of mental illness in women can relate back to their biological makeup as well as the experiences they have endured from being a woman.

Other risk factors for addiction in women include having a significant other who abuses drugs and/or alcohol, conditions related to child-bearing and motherhood (such a postpartum depression and/or PTSD from a negative birth experience or loss of a child), and societal pressures.

The triggering and underlying aspects of one’s substance use disorder are critical, as they can help women better understand their behaviors and subsequent consequences related to their use. When attending a women’s addiction treatment center in Nashville, Tennessee, women can obtain the specific care they need in order to overcome their struggles with addiction.

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If you are a woman who is experiencing a substance use disorder, do not feel ashamed or embarrassed. Addiction is a disease that can be treated properly, allowing you to live your best, most fulfilled life. It is understandable just how overwhelming it might feel to even consider reaching out for help, however doing so can save your life.

Do not wait any longer. Contact our women’s addiction treatment center in Tennessee right to get the help you deserve.