Why Should You Choose Us?

Nestled among 127 sprawling, scenic acres near Nashville on the West Fork of the Stones River, JourneyPure At The River exemplifies the best in modern addiction and mental health treatment services. We deliver unparalleled medical and clinical services utilizing a trauma informed, fully integrated, dual diagnosis treatment model designed to meet the specific needs of each individual. JourneyPure At The River’s programming and staff specialize in preparing each patient for long-term recovery success.

A Premier Addiction Recovery Treatment Center in Tennessee

Right outside of Nashville, TN and sitting on 127 sprawling, beautiful acres of land, JourneyPure At The River personifies exemplary modern substance use disorder and mental health treatment services. Considered a cut above the rest, JourneyPure At The River offers only the most trusted and effective clinical and medical services for those who are ready to end their active addiction and begin a life of long-term recovery. Our trauma-informed, fully integrated dual diagnosis treatment model ensures that every client receives programming that meets all of his or her unique needs and then some.

With care provided by some of the most enthusiastic, compassionate, and educated medical and mental health professionals, each and every client who walks through our doors will have the support and guidance needed to build a strong, lasting foundation in recovery.

The JourneyPure Way

Upon leaving an addiction treatment facility, patients often feel a sense of isolation due to the loss of the therapeutic community they had during that time. Research shows this is a scenario that can lead patients to relapse. We believe there is a more supportive way to return patients to daily living.

Prior to discharge, JourneyPure patients are assigned a personal recovery coach who develops an individualized recovery plan. That plan is then entered into our proprietary JourneyPure Coaching™ app so that patients have 24/7 access to recovery support.

Daily recovery log

This allows patients to review and check in throughout the day

Nutritional guidance

The JourneyPure Coaching™ app helps users maintain full recovery in all aspects of their lives, including nutrition

HIPAA Compliant

The JourneyPure Coaching™ app meets all HIPAA standards for security of records

Collaborative Care

JourneyPure Coaching engages in collaborative care management with local healthcare providers

Our Mission? To Help Clients Get Healthy and Stay Healthy.

At JourneyPure at the River, we have one simple goal of helping clients get healthy and stay healthy. We do this by reimagining addiction treatment by developing and implementing modern treatment approaches and fresh ideas that continually meet the ever-changing needs of those who reach out to us for help. We are poised to usher in a new era of addiction treatment that both clients and their loved ones can benefit from and go on to expect from an addiction treatment center.

An example of how we follow through with this mission is reflected in our JourneyPure Coaching app. Developed as a way to continually provide support to our clients who have recently finished their treatment programming and have returned home, this app accomplishes that goal and then some. Not only does the JourneyPure Coaching app keep clients and staff members connected to one another for one full year, but it also provides clients the ability to track their diet, exercise, and sleep patterns, as well as record their meetings and keep in touch with others who have gone through the program.

Proud to Call Nashville Home

Nashville, known for being one of the most well-loved cities in the Deep South, is a place that we at JourneyPure At The River are proud to call home. Many members of our staff, including those in leadership, clinical, and support positions, have deep ties to the Nashville recovery community. As a result, our River campus serves as a beacon for all things recovery in the Nashville area. Clients who have completed treatment at JourneyPure At The River and who remain in the Nashville area can rest assured that their transition back home will be smooth and free of complications due to the presence of the JourneyPure community in the area. And those clients who leave the Nashville area will also be able to remain connected to not only our compassionate staff but also to the community in which they established their recovery.

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