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JourneyPure Coaching

Addiction is defined as a chronic, relapsing disease of the brain. This means that while an individual is technically able to physically control if he or she picks up a drink or uses a drug, these actions are overridden by the intense psychological need and desire to use regardless of the consequences. Those who have a substance use disorder require professional treatment in order to learn how to overcome the psychological aspect of this specific disease so that they can better control their physical actions, make better decisions, and develop a life free of substance abuse.

Depending on the specific treatment needs of the client, addiction treatment can last anywhere from a few weeks to a year, if not more. During one’s treatment, he or she will participate in several different forms of care such as therapy and medical care (if necessary). And while receiving treatment at a professional facility is the best and most effective way to treat the disease of addiction, individuals must eventually leave the comfort of the facility and transition back into their everyday lives.

For many clients who are wrapping up their treatment, there is a sense of anxiety and fear of how they will do on their own and outside of the confines of treatment. In some cases, clients will find that they relapse fairly quickly. If that occurs, some of these clients end up back in treatment while others continue on in their use despite the help they have already obtained. Others might find that living in recovery is much easier than expected, allowing them to continue to achieve success in their lives.

Either way, clients at JourneyPure At The River do not need to worry about feeling alone and without a safety net. JourneyPure Coaching can help each client feel empowered, supported, and capable of taking what they have learned in treatment and apply it to their lives and then some.

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What is JourneyPure Coaching?

JourneyPure Coaching is a one-of-a-kind service that helps clients continue to maintain their sobriety and make advances in their recovery. It is no secret that the first few years of recovery can be very challenging, intimidating, and even distressing for some. Therefore, JourneyPure Coaching addresses the need that those fresh in recovery have, which is the need for continued connection and support.

JourneyPure Coaching is an app that keeps clients connected to the staff members at JourneyPure At The River for one full year after completing treatment. Through this connection, clients can check in with their therapist on a regular basis, speak to a medical professional if necessary, and get answers to questions in a timely manner, to name a few. Additionally, one of the greatest aspects of JourneyPure Coaching is that it uses HIPAA-compliant software to ensure that the work being done between the client and staff members remains confidential.

Within the JourneyPure Coaching app (and outside of the fact that clients will remain connected to the staff for one full year), there are several different tools to help clients stay on the right track. For example, clients can track the meetings they go to, input their daily meals and share recipes, record exercise, track sleep patterns, and even connect with others in the community. Clients can continue on in their recovery and benefit significantly from this stand-out, unique treatment service that keeps them accountable, responsible, and motivated to keep making positive change.

Why JourneyPure Coaching?

Outside of clients feeling slightly unnerved when the time comes to go from treatment to home, there are also a multitude of other issues and concerns that most clients typically experience during this very fragile time.

For example, going back into the world sober for the first time can make it extremely difficult to find one’s place. Everything is new to him or her, making even the smallest of things potentially overwhelming. Aside from attending local meetings, most other aspects of one’s day might be consumed by being at work, attending school, or upholding responsibilities at home. As a result, an individual can struggle to connect to those who truly understand what it is like for him or her during this time. JourneyPure coaching can help these clients have a sense of support and security from people who do understand what it is like to be new in recovery.

The HIPAA-compliant technology that clients will utilize through JourneyPure Coaching allows for them to feel satisfied that what they share is secure and confidential. While there is absolutely nothing to be ashamed about in regards to having the disease of addiction, being able to express oneself in a safe setting can be a priceless benefit.

A large portion of one’s success in sobriety comes from maintaining a healthy lifestyle, such as through diet, exercise, and rest. JourneyPure Coaching allows clients to log their meals, exercise, and sleep patterns as a way of helping them physically see how healthy or unhealthy they are living. Tracking can serve as continued encouragement and a reminder of the importance of living well.

Other benefits that can come from JourneyPure Coaching include being able to communicate with trained, known professionals, remain connected to the recovery community, and continue to develop the self-confidence needed to maintain recovery through consistent support from others.

Do You Need Help?

If you are experiencing a substance use disorder and need help, reach out right now. You do not need to continue on with your substance use disorder, nor do you need to feel like there is no way out. With the right treatment, you can turn your life around for the better and finally let go of your substance use disorder and everything that keeps holding you back from a better life.

Do not wait one more day to ask for the help that you so deserve. Professional addiction treatment and services such as JourneyPure Coaching can help you end your use once and for all.

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