Substance Abuse Treatment

Addiction is a fatal disease if it is not properly treated, however with the right professional approach, people who struggle with substance abuse can get on a road to recovery. Unfortunately, prior to treatment, most individuals who struggle with substance abuse experience a plethora of signs, symptoms, and effects of that abuse. Entering into a substance abuse treatment center can help mitigate both the physical and mental effects caused by quitting drugs and alcohol. 

Levels of Substance Abuse Treatment in Tennessee

Thankfully, addiction is a disease that can be treated. When someone is struggling with substance abuse, he or she can obtain a level of treatment that is appropriate for his or her specific needs. If your loved one is in need of treatment but is wary of the rehab process, there are various treatment options available to suit their needs. These treatment options usually include participation in a

The more intense that the drug abuse is, the more intense the substance abuse treatment center should be. Residential is the most hands-on form of care and is best for someone with a complex addiction occurring. Outpatient is the least hands-on and is typically an excellent fit for someone who has a mild addiction. Those who fall in between can benefit from programs like intensive outpatient and partial hospitalization programs. Included with all our levels of care is medication-assisted treatment. We provide Suboxone treatment which helps reduce withdrawal symptoms and drug cravings.

Benefits of JourneyPure’s Substance Abuse Treatment Center

Obtaining help through our substance abuse treatment center in Nashville, Tennessee is highly beneficial when the client puts his or her energy into getting sober and into recovery. For starters, substance abuse addiction treatment program helps clients end their active addiction right away, thus removing the risk for continued physical and psychological damage. From there, our treatment center can help individuals determine the underlying causes of their substance abuse problem, develop ways to manage those issues, and figure out how to move forward in a way that supports lasting recovery. When paired with professionals who are experienced in treating addiction like those at our substance abuse rehab, individuals are offered another shot at living a life that is happy, rewarding, and free from addiction.

Signs of Substance Abuse

When someone is abusing addictive substances, it is important to take into account his or her relationship with the substances of his or her choice, because every single user is different than the next. Therefore, when attempting to determine the types of signs of substance abuse an individual will display, it can be helpful to know the following:

  • How long the substance abuse has been occurring
  • How much of the substance/substances are being consumed
  • How frequently use is occurring
  • Are one or more mental illnesses occurring
  • How the substance/substances are being consumed (e.g. through smoking, injection, etc.)
  • Is more than one type of substance being consumed at the same time

In brief, the more intense that the substance abuse is, the more signs an individual will display. Conversely, the less intense that the substance abuse is, the less likely an individual will be to display many signs of substance abuse.

Despite the state that an individual is in when struggling with substance abuse, he or she can experience signs and symptoms that are directly in keeping with other users. Some of the most common signs of substance abuse include the following:

  • Being unable to stop using despite consequences caused by that use
  • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms when not able to use or when only able to use a smaller amount than normal
  • Becoming deceitful in behavior, such as sneaking around to use, lying about how much is being used, etc.
  • Missing important deadlines or appointments and failing to uphold basic responsibilities
  • Withdrawing from friends, family, and loved ones
  • Experiencing problems at work, school, and within the home due to erratic behavior and putting substance abuse above all else

These are just some of the most common signs of substance abuse. Many people experience more specific signs of use based on the kind of substance they are abusing, however, these signs tend to occur within all people who struggle with addiction

There’s Hope and Help Available At JourneyPure

If you are struggling with substance abuse, do not allow one more thing to stand in the way of getting treatment. Make the decision to put your needs first so that you can get yourself out of harm’s way immediately. 

Contact our Tennessee substance abuse treatment center today and begin your journey to a new life, free from addiction!