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Opiates are substances that are directly derived from the opium poppy plant. Opiates include drugs like heroin and morphine, as well as codeine and opium. Known for their potency, opiates are very powerful drugs that can cause an individual to suffer in all areas of his or her life. Plus, the continual abuse of opiates can lead to severe repercussions, up to and including death by overdose.

Anyone who is abusing opiates is at risk for any number of consequences of their actions, which is why obtaining help from our opiate rehab center in Tennessee is so important. By reaching out for help, those who are struggling with opiate use disorder can turn their lives around for the better.

Who Should Go Into an Opiate Rehab Center?

When addicted to opiates, an individual can begin to spiral out of control within a very short period of time. Opiates are extremely addictive substances, and as soon as someone starts abusing them regularly, it only takes a matter of time before he or she is mentally and/or physically dependent on them. And while not every opiate user goes to the extreme, many of them do, which is why attending our Tennessee opiate rehab can be so important.

At any point in time when an individual is abusing opiates and it is interfering in his or her life in a negative way, rehab should be considered. This does not automatically mean that someone has to go to a residential program for 90+ days in order to recover, but it does mean that some level of professional treatment should be obtained. Some of the most common signs that someone will display when in need of an opiate addiction treatment can include the following:

  • Being unable to stop using no matter what consequences come from that use
  • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms when unable to use or unable to consume the amount needed to get high
  • Placing opiate abuse above all other things in one’s life, including work, social, and family responsibilities and expectations
  • Using in dangerous situations, such as when driving or in the company of strangers
  • Experiencing physical and/or mental effects of use, such as changes in eating and sleep patterns and increased instances of anxiety and depression

Again, not every opiate user is going to require the same level of care, however when any one of these behaviors is occurring, reaching out for professional help is highly recommended.

Components of JourneyPure’s Opiate Rehab

In the event that an individual chooses to participate in our opiate rehab in Tennessee, he or she will be assessed by professionals in order to determine a treatment plan that meets his or her needs best. Many people who enter into opiate rehab go through the entire process of rehab, which includes detoxing, participating in therapy, and continuing sobriety through an aftercare plan/program. These components are described below.


Opiates like heroin, morphine, and codeine are extremely addictive and highly potent, making it very challenging to stop using on one’s own. When enrolled in our rehab facility, clients can receive a number of different services that that help them make it through the period of detox so that they can continue on with their treatment.

While detoxing, clients will likely receive some form of prescription medication to help minimize their withdrawal symptoms and cravings. These medications may include buprenorphine and can be utilized for the duration of one’s detox only or as a part of his or her continued care. Additionally, clients can receive psychiatric support during detox, allowing them to establish coping skills that will help them continue to move forward towards the next step.


When mentally clear of the influence of opiates, clients can begin partaking in therapy. In our opiate addiction treatment center in TN, clients will likely attend individual therapy, group therapy, and family therapy sessions, as well as some form of behavioral therapy such as cognitive-behavioral therapy or dialectical behavior therapy. These therapies often serve as the foundation for all clients. Based on their specific needs, however, clients will also partake in other therapies deemed imperative to their recovery.


Aftercare can mean different things to different people. When the time comes to leave treatment, clients will work with therapists and other professionals at the facility to develop an aftercare program for themselves. For some clients, their aftercare plan will serve as a framework on how to move forward in their lives. This might include where they will live, where they will work, how often they will go to meetings, and so on. For others, an aftercare plan includes plans for further treatment, such as transitioning from residential treatment to an intensive outpatient program. Depending on the continued needs of the client, aftercare plans will be put in place to help support their recovery goals.

Benefits of Our Opiate Rehab Program

Ending an opiate addiction is never easy, no matter how short or long the use lasted. However, one thing is for sure – there are countless benefits to participating in our opiate rehab program in Tennessee. These benefits include the following:

  • No longer being at risk for suffering physical and/or psychiatric complications due to use
  • Being provided a secure space to detox and recover in, where distractions are non-existent and temptations do not occur
  • Participating in therapy that can help clients better understand the epidemiology of their addiction in ways that allow them to manage it more effectively in the future
  • Getting clients connected to one another and other groups of individuals so that support systems can be formed
  • Being able to reconnect with friends, family, and loved ones through therapy and the absence of opiate abuse

Above all else, going to rehab allows clients to get back to being their authentic selves, which can aid in their continual development and success.

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