Kyle Inspires Others With His Story of Addiction

Written by Journey Pure Staff

On any given day, Kyle can be found in the detox wing of JourneyPure at the River. He’s not an employee, rather, a recovering addict who is so grateful for the treatment he received there that he stops in to visit with new patients. His mission is to provide some comfort and moral support and to let them know that he’s living proof that a story of addiction can have a happy ending.

Kyle’s Story of Addiction

When Kyle arrived at detox, he had a resting heart rate of 44 beats per minute, well below the average, meaning he just avoided being rushed to the emergency room. With no idea how poor his health was, he remembers thinking “I didn’t come in here to die, I came here for a new life.”

Kyle had hit his rock bottom – broke, homeless, crashing with any friend who would take him, no contact with family.

“I had nothing. I had barely any hope, no faith, no courage. I just felt trapped,” he said.

Heroin, opiates, and Benzodiazepines had taken over his life for several years and this was his second attempt at rehab. He suffers from PTSD due to some childhood trauma. When he went for treatment the first time, he just wasn’t ready mentally.

“I worked the steps but the steps didn’t work for me,” he said. “I didn’t grasp the true understanding. You have to be beaten into a state of willingness and I wasn’t there yet.”

Ready for Treatment, Ready for a New Life

Kyle arrived at JourneyPure at the River ready to confront his demons and regain his life. A multidisciplinary team including medical professionals, psychiatrists and counselors were ready to treat the addiction, the physical effects as well as to address his childhood trauma that has contributed to the substance abuse.  Through individual therapy sessions, he learned how to resolve the issues with his past – not to relive them every day. His therapist taught him strategies for coping with new challenging situations as they arise. Through meditation, he learned how to “be in the moment and take it for everything it’s worth.”

“I knew I had to be open to everything,” he said about treatment. “I knew there was one thing that needed to change and that was everything.”

Added Support Through Recovery Coaching

Another important piece of Kyle’s recovery has been the weekly alumni meetings and the support he’s received from David Voges, an alumni coordinator. Voges, also in recovery, has played an important role in Kyle’s journey. He is the man behind the JourneyPure Coaching™ app, checking in with his assigned patients each week to ensure they are staying consistent in their recovery efforts. Maintaining a regular sleep, nutrition and exercise routine is imperative during recovery and is tracked and monitored through JourneyPure Coaching™.

Kyle is very involved, takes his recovery seriously attending weekly alumni meetings and other special events.

“I’m truly coaching Kyle through his recovery but I don’t like to think of that as me doing my job. I’m thinking about that as me doing my part as a man of recovery.”

Kyle is still walking his path, taking residence in a sober living program and planning his future, which is looking better than ever.

“I feel like if JourneyPure was all about the money, they wouldn’t have been as compassionate as they were with me,” he said. “With a lot of people, a job is a job, and it didn’t feel like that there.”

“JourneyPure saved my life. It taught me a new way to live.”

“If you are ready to experience the gift of a new life that Kyle has and meet the people like David who work to coach you through your long term recovery, reach out now at 844-875-7670. We’d love to introduce you to your new support network.