The Principles of Drug Addiction Treatment

Written by Journey Pure Staff

In 1999, the National Institute on Drug Abuse issued 13 principles of effective treatment for drug addiction, and these principles hold true today. Formulated after years of research, NIDA holds that the treatment of drug addiction has the best chance of long-term success if these principles are applied together, as opposed to more of a pick-and-choose approach.

Across its six residential treatment facilities and ten outpatient locations, JourneyPure uses the NIDA principles for its own treatment for drug addiction. Read on to learn the NIDA’s 13 Principles of Effective Treatment of Drug Addiction as well as the ways in which JourneyPure fulfills these principles.

NIDA’s 13 Principles for the Treatment of Drug Addiction

No single drug addiction treatment is appropriate for all individuals. Our team of licensed counselors utilize a personal approach to drug addiction recovery, helping each client understand his or her own unique addiction triggers and their underlying issues to achieve long-term management of the drug addiction.

Drug addiction treatment needs to be readily available. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is always ready for you to find the drug addiction treatment you need in order to get healthy and stay healthy.

Effective drug addiction treatment attends to multiple needs of the individual, not just his or her drug use. JourneyPure goes beyond addressing the surface symptoms of drug addiction to treating the root causes of the addiction.

An individual’s drug addiction treatment and services plan must be assessed continually and modified as necessary to ensure that the plan meets the person’s changing needs. JourneyPure treats patients (and, in many cases, their families) with drug addiction via a holistic range of addiction recovery support. This means we go beyond addressing the usual symptoms of drug addiction to treat the changing causes behind the addiction.

Remaining in drug addiction treatment for an adequate period of time is critical for addiction treatment effectiveness. JourneyPure offers 30-day and 60-day residential drug addiction treatment services, as well as a host of outpatient programs and sober living facilities to minimize relapse.

Individual or group counseling and other behavioral therapies are critical components of effective treatment for drug addiction. All of JourneyPure’s residential treatment facilities and IOPs offer both individual and group counseling for drug addiction.

Medications are an important element of drug addiction treatment for many patients, especially when combined with counseling and other behavioral therapies. At JourneyPure, we recognize our clients’ need for medication regrading drug addiction, and can work with clients’ drug regimens.

Drug-addicted or drug-abusing individuals with coexisting mental disorders should have both disorders treated in an integrated way. The JourneyPure staff’s primary goal is to assist clients and their families in addiction recovery by treating all symptoms affecting their psychological, physical, and spiritual well-being. We provide dual diagnosis treatment with a holistic approach, one that integrates mind, body, and spirit.

Medical detoxification is only the first stage of drug addiction treatment and by itself does little to change long-term drug use. While most of our residential treatment facilities have detox services, we recommend a minimum of 30 days in a residential drug addiction treatment program.

Drug addiction treatment does not need to be voluntary to be effective. JourneyPure wants to be a resource for you and your family as they deal with drug addiction. Our admissions team is prepared to refer potential clients and their families to a trusted interventionist.

Possible drug use during treatment must be monitored continuously. While no JourneyPure facility would be mistaken a prison, some items—including pets, perfumes, aerosol cans, and lighters—are strictly prohibited. Smartphones, meanwhile, are allowed only at certain times.

Drug addiction treatment programs should provide assessment for HIV/AIDS, hepatitis B and C, tuberculosis and other infectious diseases, and counseling to help patients modify or change behaviors that place themselves or others at risk of infection. JourneyPure is first and foremost an addiction treatment facility, with licensed medical practitioners practicing there daily. It therefore goes without saying that clients are checked for highly communicable diseases.

Recovery from drug addiction can be a long-term process and frequently requires multiple episodes of treatment. After a 30- or 60-day stay in a JourneyPure residential treatment facility, we recommend an additional three months in an IOP, in many cases, to address continuing drug addiction and mental health issues. Plus, our ongoing JourneyPure Coaching program helps clients recovering from drug addiction maintain a healthier lifestyle.

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