Men’s Residential

Men’s Residential Treatment in Tennessee

Addiction and alcoholism can affect both men and women equally; however, genders may respond differently to the traditional approaches of rehabilitation. We believe that by providing a men’s residential treatment program, we can help our male clients move more successfully into long-term recovery.

The Benefits of Men’s Residential Treatment

Freedom to Be Honest. It can be difficult for people to freely discuss their problems related to addiction in a coed environment. Removing the gender barrier opens the door to more successful outcomes.
Gender-Specific Rehab and Therapies. In some cases, men will find better outcomes when they engage in gender-specific rehabilitation and therapies.

Family Support. Men who are married or in a relationship may find that their spouse prefers them to be in an all-men’s rehab facility. This helps boost family support.

Men’s Treatment Options

We offer a program individually monitored for the appropriate length of stay and consisting of closely-supervised medical detox, individual and group counseling, behavioral therapy, and much more.

If you have relapsed after completing previous rehab programs, you may benefit from our individualized approach. Depending on the severity of the addiction, it may be necessary to spend more time in detoxification.

Additionally, all clients who go through the JourneyPure Residential Treatment program are automatically enrolled in the JourneyPure Coaching service. Our Coaching Platform ensures connectivity between alumni and ongoing support from the staff at JourneyPure for a full year after treatment.

Providing Addiction Resources for Men

Our highly trained, credentialed personnel are well-acquainted with helping clients with addictions to a variety of substances. No matter your addiction, JourneyPure is here for you. We provide psychological, holistic, and medical addiction treatment within a highly structured, supportive environment. Let us help you overcome addiction so you can start living a full, peaceful and healthy life.

Please call us for individualized feedback and suggestions about becoming part of the JourneyPure At The River family. Our team is available 24/7 to talk to you about all aspects of our recovery programs, including financial considerations for inpatient treatment.