Intensive Outpatient (IOP)

Intensive Outpatient Programs at JourneyPure At The River

Many people who have addictions to drugs and/or alcohol may believe that inpatient rehabilitation is their only choice for recovery—but also have barriers to entering a residential program for thirty or sixty days. In some cases, intensive outpatient treatment is a better fit and in many situations it can be just as successful.

JourneyPure offers intensive outpatient rehab in Tennessee at our Murfreesboro center. There are multiple schedule options to best meet your needs. These include full day, morning, afternoon, and evening options. Supportive sober housing is also available for individuals who require additional structure and support while engaged in an outpatient setting.

Who Is Best Suited for Intensive Outpatient Rehab?

While some patients engage with outpatient services after completing a residential stay, others find that outpatient services are sufficient for their treatment needs. If you are wondering if you might be better suited for an intensive outpatient treatment experience rather than an inpatient therapy model contact one of our addiction specialists to discuss your individual needs.

Some individuals choose outpatient services over residential or inpatient due to barriers to being away from work or home for thirty or sixty days—these may include work or family obligations that preclude a stay at one of our centers.

Individuals who are best suited to start their recovery journey with outpatient services must:
be medically stable and not experience any withdrawal symptoms when stopping their use
have a supportive home life where they will be helped, and not harmed, by loved ones
be open to considering a residential stay if use continues while they are in outpatient services

Numerous Therapies Available During Intensive Outpatient Treatment at JourneyPure At The River

When you join the JourneyPure At The River community in our intensive outpatient treatment and recovery program, you will have access to the following therapies:

  • One-on-One.

    You will regularly meet in one-on-one sessions with a therapist. These sessions will help you understand your disease and assist you in developing the self-awareness necessary to beat your addiction.

  • Group.

    We strongly believe in the value of group therapy for a number of purposes. Not only does it foster communication between people going through the same situations, but it can also promote positive epiphanies.

  • Holistic.

    At JourneyPure At The River, we know that your body and soul need therapy just as much as your mind does when you’re recovering from drug and/or alcohol addiction. That’s why we offer holistic solutions, such as experiential therapies, arts-related workshops and spiritual therapies.

Start your journey back to health and end the cycle of addiction in your life. Call JourneyPure At The River right now for judgment-free, compassionate information and advice.