Recovery Programs

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Customized Plans

The reality is that one size does not fit all when it comes to addiction treatment. JourneyPure At The River offers customized recovery plans tailored to your specific needs and resources. Each patient who comes through our doors receives personalized care and compassionate services. With a wide variety of therapy options, our comprehensive and holistic treatment programs will help you heal from addiction and any underlying mental health issues, building the foundation for long-term recovery.

Treatment For Co-Occurring Disorders

Clients may discover that their drug or alcohol abuse has been masking a serious mental health issue such as trauma, depression, PTSD, or personality disorder. Our medically-trained, highly-credentialed team members have the knowledge and skills to support individuals with co-occurring disorders.

Extensive Experience And Expertise

Whether you are addicted to alcohol, street drugs or prescription medication, we have the experience to assist you during your rehabilitation. Some of the drug addictions we see on a regular basis are addictions to alcohol, heroin, cocaine, marijuana, painkillers, benzodiazepines, and methamphetamines. Regardless of the root of your addiction, we can offer individualized help for long lasting recovery.

Addiction Treatment for the Mind, Body, and Soul

JourneyPure At The River provides more than just clinical treatment. Our holistic approach offers a wide range of treatment options such as experiential therapies that nurture the mind, body, and soul. In an effort to recharge during your stay, we encourage you to take advantage of all the available opportunities for rejuvenation. Our goal is for you to find your own inner compass. By learning the skills you need to overcome addiction and cope with any co-occurring issues, you will be prepared for a life of lasting recovery.

To learn more about JourneyPure At The River and to discuss our Tennessee treatment center recovery programs for you or a loved one, please contact us today. We are available 24/7.