Women’s Residential

Women’s Residential Treatment

At JourneyPure At The River, we offer gender-specific treatment because of our belief that women have very specific needs that differ from men’s treatment needs.

Through modern science, our patients learn about the dysregulated nervous system caused by developmental trauma and post-traumatic stress. They experience multiple ways of calming the nervous system with utilizing the ancient practices of yoga, meditation and breathwork. In cases of severe trauma, select patients receive the high-tech modality of neurofeedback.

Our Holistic Approach

We offer a holistic approach to treatment that begins with helping patients become healthy in their body by consuming whole, organic foods and eliminating processed foods from the diet. Clients engage in yoga or fitness training on a daily basis helping them to feel stronger with each day of treatment.

Residents learn new ways of thinking and are able to challenge the toxic thoughts and beliefs that have often led to poor choices in the past. This is accomplished through specific types of therapies which help retrain the thought processes to thoughts of compassion and loving kindness for one’s self.

Experiential Therapy

Through our experiential program, women become highly attuned to their inner guidance system of intuition and learn to live from an empowered presence. We use experiential therapies such as Equine, Adventure, Art, Music, Jungian Dream Work, Nature-Based and Spirit Medicine to heal at a cellular level. Many of the emotional wounds live on a subconscious level and require addressing them from a non-traditional approach. We find that traditional talk therapy does not always go deep enough, or get to the depth of the issues and these experiential approaches lead to rapid insight and often lead to instantaneous healing by pushing past fears and breaking through limiting belief systems.

Having women live in a community, cooking together and sitting in a circle with one another on a daily basis accelerates the healing process. On a deeper primal level, there are few things more powerful than a circle of women coming together with a common goal.

Professional Women’s Program

Prior to entering treatment, professionals have the option of participating in the Integrative Assessment Program which includes:

1) Extensive clinical interview and history taking
2) Psychological assessment and testing
3) Medical history and examination
4) Assessment of health and wellness behaviors
5) Extensive psychoeducation and PRN intervention
6) Composition of a Comprehensive Psychological Evaluation(CPE) report

The CPE can be done via an in-depth three-day protocol (with the client being housed in one of the JP facilities), or via an abridged one-day protocol.

The Professional Women’s Program encompasses all of the approaches that our traditional women’s programming does with a few extras specifically geared toward professionals. For instance, they will explore patterns of perfectionism, overachieving, and high standards for one’s self. For those who are in the helping professions such as the medical, military and psychology fields, the concept of vicarious trauma and healthy boundaries to prevent relapse are explored.

Professionals also have our support in dealing with referring boards and return-to-work assessment and preparation. All professionals will have a highly- individualized treatment plan based on their career field.