Professionals Program

Juggling Your Personal and Professional Life

We know that addiction is never convenient. Putting your life on hold to address a potential substance use or mental health disorder presents inherent difficulties in terms of balancing the demands of your personal and professional responsibilities.

At JourneyPure, because we understand that you may feel conflicted about taking time off to care for your own needs, we have developed an efficient, cost-effective, two-part program designed specifically for professionals.

Addiction, Mental Health and Emotional Issues Don’t Discriminate

JourneyPure’s Professionals Program (PP) provides highly-individualized treatment plans for each client based on their specific needs. Candidates for PP include men and women from a wide range of vocational fields including healthcare, corporate, military, and law enforcement. The issues we address are as varied as the careers of the patients we serve. From perfectionism to vicarious trauma, our skilled clinicians work with you to develop healthy boundaries, coping skills and relapse prevention strategies.

Beyond career/life balance issues, we provide support for men and women coping with marital conflict, divorce and custody matters as well as other legal problems.

PP Integrative Assessment Program

Prior to entering treatment, professionals have the option of participating in our Integrative Assessment Program (IAP). The IAP can be completed via an in-depth three-day protocol while you stay at JourneyPure At The River’s serene, picturesque rehabilitation center or through an abridged one-day program. The assessment includes:

  • Extensive clinical interview and history taking
  • Psychological assessment and testing
  • Medical history and examination
  • Assessment of health and wellness behaviors
  • Extensive psychoeducation and PRN intervention
  • Composition of a Comprehensive Psychological Evaluation report

If you are a professional struggling with drug addiction, alcoholism or other issues affecting your emotional health and well-being, we can help.