Center for Professional Excellence

JourneyPure Center for Professional Excellence

When addiction and mental health issues affect the drive, passion, marital and family life of individuals serving in professional roles, they benefit from a program tailored specifically to their unique challenges. For more than 20 years, The Center for Professional Excellence (CPE) has helped professionals recover from addiction and other behavioral impairments to lead healthy, fulfilling lives. The CPE Men’s Professional Program is now part of the JourneyPure family, complementing our existing men and women’s professional programs.

Addiction Treatment for Professional Men and Women

How do you define a professional? We consider a professional to be one who contributes to society to make it better: singer or surgeon, pastor or politician. These natural born leaders give their head, their hands and their heart to something.

Our approach to treatment is grounded in spiritual, emotional and physical well-being. Spouses and family are integrated into the process from day one. We begin with an intensive and comprehensive 3-day evaluation to ensure each patient receives a highly-individualized treatment plan.

Comprehensive Evaluation

  • Comprehensive medical and psychiatric evaluations
  • Psychological testing
  • Intensive health and wellness review
  • Interdisciplinary biopsychosocial assessment

CPE Program Services

  • Highly-individualized, gender-specific treatment plans
  • Individual and group counseling
  • Intensive marriage and family counseling
  • Experiential therapies (equine, adventure, music, art, wellness)
  • 12-step-inspired programming
  • Recovery coaching
  • Extended care programs

Returning to Life and Work After Treatment

We ensure our patients experience a positive reentry into their personal and professional lives and continue to incorporate wellness into their daily lives to ensure long-term recovery. Patients are assigned a recovery coach who maps out an individual recovery plan, accessed and monitored daily through our free JourneyPure Coaching™ app.