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How to Help Your Loved One Transition Back to Normal Life

Recovery from addiction is a life-long journey that affects the entire family. Your closest circle of loved ones may be unsure how to support you when you return from rehab. Below are five suggestions.

5 Ways to Help Your Loved One Transition Home After RehabCreate a drug and alcohol-free environment – Remove triggers and encourage your loved ones to stay away from environments where they may be vulnerable to relapse.Research shows that one of the biggest forecasters of long-term sobriety is whether or
not recovering addicts live in substance-free settings.

  • Listen – Keep an open dialogue and be available to listen to your loved one’s struggles and celebrations.
  • Be patient – Recovery is a lifelong process. One of the most popular sayings in AA and NA is “progress not perfection.” It’s important for your loved ones to know that you still love and support them even when make mistakes.
  • Refrain from negativity – Addiction is often described as a disease of shame. The best way to support the recovering person in your life is to express love and provide positive feedback.
  • Take care of yourself – Treatment teaches us that we are powerless over other people. While you can’t control the addict in your life, you can make healthy decisions for yourself which will in turn help you support.

You can’t do the work of recovery for your loved ones or prevent a relapse, but you can be supportive and participate in their healing.

At JourneyPure, we’re here to help.

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